Android 9.0 P rumors, release date and expected feature

Android 9.0 P

Android 9.0 P rumors, release date and expected feature

Android is in quite a polished state by this point, but there are always improvements that can be made, It is expected to be released at annual Google I/O which is usually held in mid-May.

The Developer Preview might be available way before the actual release date. Maybe in March or April, Android P Developer Preview will be rolled out.  Android 9.0 will be released in August 2018, it won’t be immediately available for all Android devices.

After the public’s celebration of the supposed dark mode update in the Android 9.0 P, Google immediately corrected its previous message, to which it claimed that there was only a misunderstanding.

It was then confirmed by the company that no dark mode is coming to the next Android OS version, or at least there are no plans to develop such feature at this point.

The latest messages in Google’s thread for the Android 9.0 P development suggests that the supposed dark mode update reported last week is actually a new toggle that will allow software developers to test a night mode in their apps.

Pixel devices will be the first to receive the update, followed by Android P out of the box staring mid-September. Android One devices users like Mi A1 and Moto X4 (Pure Stock Android variant) might receive by this year-end. Even Sony and Huawei will release by early 2019.

It is too early to discuss the features of Android P. However we expect it to be better than Android Oreo(obviously). We want to see more improvements in battery and performance, pip mode should offer features like support for zoom.

Expected Features

  • Background Apps Won’t Have Mic Access
  • Background Apps Won’t Have Camera Access Either
  • Screenshot Editing
  • Support for Notches
  • Hidden Signal Strength Numbers
  • Smart Reply to All Apps
  • Support for Multiple Screens & Foldable Displays
  • Modifiable LTE Signal Bars
  • Easier Implementation of Night Mode for Apps

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