Apple’s Iphone X Wireless Chargers With Ac Adapter


Apple’s iPhone X Wireless Chargers With Ac Adapter

Apple’s new iPhone lineup finally supports wireless charging. Both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8/8 Plus use the Qi standard that’s been popular for years. That means you can choose from an endless list of compatible charging pads, mats and stands already on the market.

Inductive wireless charging can generate significant amounts of heat, especially at higher wattage, and phones and chargers work together to mitigate this by reducing the power draw and thus charging speed (sometimes much) once temperatures rise passed certain thresholds. Some chargers even include built-in fans to try to keep temperatures lower to allow for longer periods of fast charging

The glass backs on the new iPhones are incredibly slippery, and many users have reported their phones sliding out of alignment with wireless chargers due to vibrations from notifications. It’s important to note that not all wireless chargers come with a wall plug, which means that even if your iPhone and the wireless charging pad supports 7.5W charging, you’ll need to use a more powerful wall plug than a 5W iPhone plug.

Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge

Not only does the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad power up phones at a fast rate, but it also looks nice while doing so, and it comes in black or white, so you can match it with the rest of your accessories. A rubber ring on the top allows it to hold even glass-backed phones in place better than some other Qi chargers, ensuring that your handset stays properly aligned for charging. And it comes with its own AC adapter and USB cable in the box, so you don’t need to worry about supplying (or buying) your own.

Belkin Boost Up

For the fastest wireless charging possible, check out the Belkin Boost Up, which boasts a 7.5-watt transmitter coil that’s perfect for iPhone X and iPhone 8. It has a non-slip surface that ensures your device won’t get knocked off easily and thermal protection for your safety.

Amazone Price: $59.87

iphone x wireless chargers

Anker Wireless Charger

Anker offers a popular wireless charger that won’t break the bank. The device will charge your iPhone at regular speed, and LED lights will tell you when your handset is ready. It’s a pad, so you won’t be able to prop up your iPhone while you’re charging.

Amazone Price: $22.99

iphone x wireless chargers

Mophie Wireless Charge Pad

Mophie’s Wireless Charge Pad offers fast wireless charging without the frills. It sports a simple design that blends into the background, and because it’s made by Mophie, you know it’s built to last. It’s MFi certified by Apple, has a non-slip TPU coating, and works with cases.

Amazone Price: $59.15

iphone x wireless chargers

Apple AirPower

Apple is working on its own wireless charging pad called AirPower, which will be big enough and smart enough to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at once. We expect it’ll come at a high price, and it’s not set to arrive until next year. Still, if you can wait that long (and can afford it), the AirPower iPhone charging pad looks beautifully designed. The ultra-thin mat can charge multiple devices simultaneously. That means you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and (second-gen) AirPods all at once — or any other device that’s compatible with the Qi standard. It also uses a Lightning cable, unlike any of the other options listed here, so it’s perfect for Apple fans.

iphone x wireless chargers

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