How to Link International Credit/Debit Cards to WeChat


How to Link International Credit/Debit Cards to WeChat 

In mainland China, mobile payments range from purchasing cars to paying for a bottle of coke, and many expats had complained of being unable to enjoy cash-free services due to not owning a locally issued bank account, which needed to be linked to the WeChat account for payment. Now WeChat users without a Chinese bank debit account can link international Credit/Debit card to Wechat.

WeChat is ambitiously expanding its user base – can now input their credit card information and activate it on Wechat Pay. the service works with MasterCard, Visa, and JCB. This move marks the first time users can use WeChat Pay without having a Chinese bank account or Chinese-based credit card. A 2017 Tencent report indicated that nearly two-thirds of foreign residents in China used WeChat Pay to make payments in the country.

WeChat’s global users are reaching 1 billion, Tencent also previously announced. In China, about 600 million people are using WeChat to communicate with others, making it the most popular messaging tool in the country. After activating WeChat payment account, expats, just like the hundreds of million Chinese WeChat users, are able to pay for a cab via an app, rent sharing bikes, or place orders for takeaway food.

Link International Credit/Debit Cards to WeChat

How to Link International Credit/Debit Cards to WeChat?

 “Me”→“Wallet”→“Cards” →“+ Add a Card”

Firstly, tap on the “Me” button, on the WeChat home screen.

Now, tap on the “Wallet” function within the Me Screen.

Now, tap on the “Cards” button on the Wallet screen.

Next, tap on the “+ Add a Card” button.

Now, Enter your “payment password”

Lastly, fill in the card number of your “international credit card

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