Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions 2018

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions that makes Chrome truly unique perhaps even powerful. Extensions are essentially small apps that add extra features to a Web browser. Google has dozens of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, doing everything from helping you save money to saving your passwords for you. That’s the reason we have created this list of the best Google Chrome Extensions you should get in the year 2018

1. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is a free open source ad blocker that makes much of the fact that it’s beholden to no corporate sponsors or marketers. As a result, it won’t whitelist or let through “acceptable” advertising. The add-on removes advertising such as banner ads, videos, and pop-ups, while also blocking a variety of online tracking tools. Users do have the option of whitelisting select websites whose ads they want to support.

2. Magic Actions for YouTube

YouTube videos get a beautiful, configurable makeover with Magic Actions. Use your mouse wheel to control volume, select HD or cinema mode (with darkened background), go into the HD mode of your choice automatically, and turn off the auto-play as desired, among other fantastic options. If you want, it even hides the ads in videos and, best of all, hides the comments, where trolls live. It’s also on Firefox and Opera.

3. Mercury Reader

If you hate pages full of ads and weird formatting, install Mercury Reader with all alacrity. With a click (or keyboard shortcut) it reduces the “noise” on the page so you can see only the text you want to read, with a typeface you can manage, in a dark or light theme. You can share what’s left via social media, email, print it, or send it to your Kindle to read late

4. Turn Off the Lights

Turn off the Lights is another Chrome extension which is a must for users who watch a lot of videos on places like YouTube. The extension basically fades the entire page while highlighting the video you are watching, giving you an immersive experience. The best part about using this extension is that it works for all known video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Netflix, Metacafe, Youku, and more.

5. Data Saver

Data compression for more efficient browsing isn’t exactly something new, as it’s being built into some browsers like Opera. Users can look up further details about how much data they’re saving and consuming over time. It doesn’t work on sites using HTTPS connections, nor on incognito tabs, so users may be limited, depending on your needs.

6. Better History

The Better History extension augments the built-in functionality of Chrome’s History tab, augmenting the traditional vertical timeline with a horizontal calendar for easy jumping to specific dates and even hours. Expanded search tools allow you to search through your history for terms in a page title, domain or within the page itself.

7. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo became popular as an alternative search engine to Google (Bing was never in the picture) as it promised users that it doesn’t track any of their data. Now, the service has also launched its Chrome extension which helps users in protecting their privacy across the internet. Just like Web of Trust, DuckDuckGO provides a privacy score to each website and even has the ability to forcibly improve a website’s privacy grade by using its own encryption. It also has a tracker blocker which stops advertisers from tracking you on the sites you visit. Lastly, the extension itself doesn’t store any user data keeping your online presence safe and secure.

8. Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

Betternet’s VPN claim to fame: it can unblock sites based on the country—so you can surf like you’re in the United States even when overseas, and vice versa. Best of all, it promises to be free and ad-free and not to share your data. (If you have other privacy needs or concerns, you may want to stick with a paid VPN.)

9. SuperTabs

Getting quick access to a drop-down menu/list of your open tabs isn’t that groundbreaking, but SuperTabs throws in a search of the tabs so you can jump to the one you need quick as a tabbing bunny. You can create keyboard shortcuts to make use of SuperTabs even faster.

10. Google Translate

While Google Translate is already an excellent Web service for translating snippets of text to and from languages, the addition of Chrome extensions allows you to translate entire pages with a toolbar button. The extension automatically detects whether the site you’re on uses a different language from your Chrome default, and can offer to translate it automatically. Users can also easily translate snippets of text, as well as listen to the proper pronunciation of translated words and phrases. Google Translate is one of the best Chrome Extensions.

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